Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist located in Ottawa, Ontario.
She also offers clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis services in her part-time office in Belleville, Ontario


Ottawa Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy centre can help if you struggle with:

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Located in vibrant Ottawa, GracePlace Wellness offers the natural healing potential of CLIENT-CENTRED, CUSTOMIZED clinical hypnotherapy, CUSTOMIZED COACHING AND COUNSELING.   Based on decades of experience and training, Grace Joubarne provides helpful, unique guidance and counseling to individuals and groups through the use of clinical hypnosis and other advanced healing techniques.

In addition, she offers the assistance and resources to wean off addictive substances and psychiatric medications safely.  In her private Ottawa & Belleville, Ontario Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis offices, Grace Joubarne, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, offers clients assistance with normal everyday issues including emotional struggles, anxiety, depression, PTSD,  mental illness, IBS, fibromyalgia, weight management and various addictions. Her goal …. Empowering individuals to live their lives unlimited in all ways good.

What separates Grace Joubarne’s Ottawa Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Services from the rest of the pack?  Grace’s CREDENTIALS are verifiable and focussed on clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis.  Clinical hypnotherapy, hypnosis, counseling and life coaching are not only her passion and focus, but she has ensured her education is up-to-date, including in the areas of  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Fibromyalgia, Migraines, pain management, weight management and psycho-sexual dysfunction  issues.

Indeed, as her credentials show (see About Grace), she has the indepth training in clinical medical and dental hypnotherapy and hypnosis to back up her claims and titles.  While many practitioners compensate for their deficiencies in advanced medical and dental hypnotherapy and hypnosis training and skills, by referring to university degrees in counseling and psychology as though they have importance to the competent use of hypnosis, the fact is that clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis are stand-alone modalities.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are recognized legal, ethical, stand-alone, self-regulated complementary health care professions in almost every state and country of the world. Certified Medical and dental hypnotherapists provide complete, helpful and unique guidance to individuals and/or groups and enjoy wide acceptance by the medical and dental community who know the healing power of this specific field and the benefits of a well-trained, qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

Did you know that you naturally go in and out of trance throughout your day? For instance, self-hypnosis happens during self-talk, when daydreaming and watching TV! How about a hypnosis script that you can record yourself or a custom recording targeting your goals during moments of relaxation and meditation? Go to My Custom Script to learn more!


Grace Joubarne understands the power of verbal and non-verbal suggestion.  She is trained in the use of a multitude of refined hypnotic and counseling techniques to facilitate the client’s innate ability to heal and be positive, peaceful and happy and to look, feel and act their best. Her unique Grace Hypnotherapy approach ensures that the root-cause of all issues are dissolved permanently.


Hypnotherapy is a proven, safe, all-natural modality focused on self-healing of normal people with normal problems of life. When undertaken by a qualified, competent clinical hypnotherapist, it is a client-centered, holistic method. GracePlace Wellness follows the Grace Hypnotherapy protocol to locate, identify and resolve underlying emotional root-causes, which in turn allows for the permanent resolution of the various symptoms associated with persistent emotional imbalance.

Hypnotherapy is not a subset or component of any other healing modality. While some licensed practitioners such as family doctors and psychologists may use hypnosis to complement their practice, clinical hypnotherapy has a much wider scope. Only a fully trained, certified Hypnotherapist can help you get the results you want.


What Hypnotherapy DOES
Be free of unwanted negative emotions: anger, regret, frustration, guilt, sadness, depressive feelings, self-hate, etc.
Eliminate worry, stress, unproductive reactions, fear/pain/unwanted habits and addictions of all kinds.
Improve performance: learning, relationships, sports, etc.
Manifest dreams and goals; make choices in their highest good.
Relax and experience ongoing contentment and happiness with life.
Birth with ease; experience dental procedures with ease/relaxation.
Manage weight and fitness.
Be self-controlled, socially adept, spiritual, sleep well.
Stand up for themselves and their truth.


What Hypnotherapy DOES NOT DO
Apply labels or diagnose.
Needles, drugs, medications.
Disempower a client or require endless sessions.


GracePlace Wellness  has a proven track record in improving sports performance, sexual performance and salesmanship and our guidance in natural healing modalities has been proven to have significant health and wellness benefits. * A medical health referral may be required for certain conditions.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF: What Hypnotherapy DOES Do / What Hypnotherapy DOES NOT Do PDF


Note: if requested, anonymity can be arranged – privacy and confidentiality assured.

Through positive suggestion and guidance at the subconscious level, the conscious and subconscious work together resulting in self-empowerment, health, well being and healing. The client is ALWAYS in full control and Hypnotherapy is most enjoyable.


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