A Youth’s Story of Courage and Survival and How Hypnotherapy Helped

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Young father of one, Richard R of Kemptville, Canada shares his story of courage and recovery and how hypnotherapy helped him on a road to success.  Here is his story as he shared it recently. 


I am Richard and I would like to explain how Hypnotherapy assisted me in improving my everyday life. Prior to trying Hypnotherapy it was a day-to-day struggle to get through what should have been normal life. I even tried working with a psychiatrist, who was only ale to offer me medication to suppress my feelings.

For years I lived with feelings of not being ‘good enough’ and intense anger and frustration with not being able to understand why I was reacting to situations that would normally arise in life. I was smoking heavily and tried self-medicating for years and it was damaging me physically and emotionally.

I tried Hypnotherapy with Grace Joubarne at GracePlace Wellness in August 2008 and since then I have dramatically cut down my cigarette smoking and no longer feel a need for self-medication. My relationships with my wife and son have improved to the point where we can sit and have family discussions without turmoil and stress. My outlook on everyday life is much more positive and balanced. I expect that I will be a non-smoker very soon and found it no struggle whatever to stop self-medicating. I feel physically healthier and more vibrant and my enthusiasm is boundless.

I know where I stand in life and now feel I stand in a really good place and feel equal. I no longer feel as though I have to apologize for who I am. At work, I have been told by my supervisors that they have noticed a huge improvement in the way I communicate and voice my opinions. These positive changes have enabled me to be more productive and effective, which in turn resulted in my getting new responsibilities. Because my true potential is now shining through, my managers are rewarding my new-found confidence and outlook with more responsibility on the job.

The things in my past that I used to think about all the time, that I used to get depressed about and which used to prevent me from focusing on what I truly wanted out of life dissolved in a matter of a month. I used to feel so tired, heavy and discouraged. Now I feel a freedom where I can do anything I want without any feelings of fear that I might fail. I always know I can succeed.

To be able to heal in a few sessions with Grace for a fraction of the cost of psychotherapy and medication is stupendous. I wish I had known about Hypnotherapy many years ago so I could have had this life-changing emotional freedom sooner and could have avoided all the physical damage and emotional turmoil that I’ve suffered along the way.

Richard R.


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I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and one of my passions is helping children, teens and adults navigate the challenges and stressors we all face today. I’ve traveled the road to emotional wellness from a childhood of hardship to reach happiness and contentment. Today I am relentless in my goal that everyone willing to heal themselves be afforded the experience this life-saving healing modality offers.


  1. Chris  July 31, 2014

    Wow, fantastic story. I’m really inspired by it, especially the possibility that the change started happening so quickly. When I read that he felt better after 2 sessions, it made me wonder if this could work for me. Entirely different set of issues, of course, but maybe the methods will still work.

    Thank you for posting this.

    • Grace  November 20, 2016

      This modality, offered by a well-trained clinical hypnotherapist can help anyone resolve underlying emotional drivers to practically any issue that is not the result of a physical injury (such as brain injury due to a motor vehicle accident). All that is required is that the client be ready and willing to heal THEMSELVES.


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