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Emotional Freedom

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We were all born fresh and new with emotional freedom. However somewhere between birth and the present, society’s norms, pressures and beliefs have twisted many of us into individuals who do not know or appreciate our worth as equals to everyone else on this planet. We somehow accumulated unproductive ‘beliefs’ about ourselves and our world, like flies to pie. How that happened is usually not clear to most of us until we’ve completed our journey of self-discovery. Nonetheless, the impact of those beliefs are overwhelming since, while the memories may dim, the feelings, if anything, gain intensity with time, percolating up through every aspect of our lives.

Unhappiness and Depression

Unhappiness is described in many ways: a ‘pit’ in one’s stomach; a ‘sinking’ feeling when arising in the morning, when having to face other people; feeling hopeless and victimized by life; never feeling ‘good enough’; feeling held back in life but not sure by what; doing things and saying things that one doesn’t mean or feel, but being unable to stop; feeling dependent on other people, substances and other’s beliefs and standards and feeling unsafe… and so on. There are as many descriptions of unhappiness and chronic discontent with life as there are people.

Root Causes of Emotional and Mental Illnesses Found in Early Childhood

Most issues that keep people feeling chronically limited in their lives are deep-rooted, usually going back to childhood when they lacked the life experiences and knowledge adults rely upon to put things into proper perspective. Certain events and incidents resulted in the child adopting a perspective in their young lives that left them feeling angry, fearful, frustrated, unaccepted, ashamed, flawed, confused and so on…. . [see Children, Hypnosis & Holistic Parenting ]. As these feelings and perceptions were embedded at a profoundly deep subconscious level, it is logical and understandable that dissolving these beliefs and negative emotions must happen at the same subconscious level if they are to stop negatively influencing the adult.

Millions of people think they must put up with feeling ‘miserable’ and unhappy, or with feeling ‘nothing’ because their medications and/or substances of choice mask the symptoms.  Grace Joubarne, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist is ready to consult confidentially and anonymously if desired, with those who are fed up with being ‘unhappy’ and who want emotional freedom !  Let her explain how emotional and mental wellness is achieved using Grace Hypnotherapy.


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