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Being skeptical of new and unfamiliar things is good for many reasons, but particularly because it can start an individual on a path of new learning, new attitudes and awareness and positive life changes. In the links section you can access articles and studies which were born out of skepticism, but which ultimately served to confirm the hypnotherapy findings of all those who work in this hypnotherapist field and/or who were helped by hypnotherapy. There are thousands more.

For those who see past the hypnosis myths, stage acts and scare-tactics, there is great benefit in working with a qualified and fully trained hypnotherapist. If doctors, nurses and hospitals all over the world use hypnosis and hypnotherapy, it must have some benefits worthy of looking at fairly.

You may want to consider these points as well…some skeptics believed for centuries that the earth was flat and despite all sorts of evidence to the contrary, they insisted on believing it. It is the same with hypnotherapy; it is natural, non-invasive, cost-effective and doesn’t require one to play medication roulette…all one has to do is try it in the spirit of co-operation and then make a decision.

Confirmation Bias Can Make New Information Difficult to Consider

It’s called “confirmation bias” – we tend to ignore information that doesn’t jibe with our current world view….probably why paradigms take so long to change. We only see what we want to see.

Sometimes the very people who will willingly take medications with long lists of known side-effects will refuse to give credit where credit is due. Only they know the reasons why they wish to keep their minds closed to alternatives, especially since there has been a tidal wave of people relying wholly on alternatives in the last several decades.  Does it matter in the bigger picture of life that some people choose not to consider non-drug alternative health care?…no. Those who do consider hypnotherapy, not out of blind faith, (as is required when taking prescribed pharmaceuticals) but because they have researched the subject and looked objectively at how this modality of healing might help them, are indeed benefiting.

Hypnotherapy is a Modality of Self-healing

If Hypnotherapy came with the prescription of a pharmaceutical, some people may find it easier to take the leap. But the beauty of this healing is that it is truly self-healing with guidance and no external chemicals are required. Perhaps the concept is too simple and natural for some to accept.

A century ago a doctor named Dr. Mesmer founded Mesmerism, which came to be known as Hypnosis. At the time it was believed hypnosis worked so well in so many applications because the results were influenced by someone or something outside the individual. This is of course has since been proven entirely incorrect, because the individual in hypnosis has total control at all times, but the misconceptions linger. Some people, until they experience hypnosis for themselves, may still be somewhat fearful because they believe that they are yielding control to another person. Such unwarranted fear of an entirely natural process can become a stumbling block to growth and fulfilment until the person becomes educated to the true facts.


p.s. If hypnosis was indeed a way of controlling a client would we not be able to control a skeptic and turn them into a client ???

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