This free recording is intended to help you come to a serene, peaceful place within. It speaks to your subconscious mind about your desires for wellness while you are sleeping, helping you to awaken more rested. Enjoy this gift from Grace Joubarne and GracePlace Wellness, Ottawa as often as you like…playing it on repeat as you sleep compounds it’s beneficial effects over time.

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I understand that in order to get full benefit of this recording, I am to listen to this recording only when I am lying down comfortably in a safe place with the intention of falling asleep. By playing it on the repeat or ‘continuous’ function, I understand that the benefits may be compounded.


I understand this recording is free and that I am not authorized to sell or use it in any commercial endeavor without expressed written consent of its author, Grace Joubarne, GracePlace Wellness, Ottawa, Canada. I understand and agree that I am only to use it for my personal enjoyment and wellness.


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