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“In doing hypnosis and holistic parenting classes, I have yet to ever hear a child complain of not having certain material things that are popular… electronics, etc. But routinely we hear how they feel invisible, bossed, scared, nobodies, stressed, overwhelmed, no good, flawed, messed up, ‘slow’, and the list goes on. Love to a child is a feeling of total, unconditional acceptance, safety and security. “

Grace sees the emotional carnage of well-intentioned parenting styles and attitudes in the adults she assists to wellness. Prevention of emotional harm is a far better approach, but to fully engage in prevention, it requires parents be willing to be absolutely truthful about their own upbringing, their own experiences; they have to be open and willing to consider alternatives to what they know of parenting. She feels that one of the most important aspects of her work involves helping people learn from their life experiences, especially parents.

Full length MUST SEE documentary: The Drugging of Children – produced by ethical doctors.

Depression, violence and prescription and illicit drug addictions in western society are at an all-time high…is it not time to take another look at our methodology of raising with our little human beings? A study some time ago showed that the average child hears the words no and don’t from their caregivers at least 25 times per day.

For those who fit into the ‘willing’ category of parents…parents who realize there has to be a better approach then the ones that result in children becoming unhappy adults with all sorts of discontented, depressive feelings, feelings of insecurity and helplessness, addictions, unhealthy habits, just to name a few, should find helpful information through and from GracePlace Wellness™.

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While we hear dramatic accounts of horrific parenting in the media, the fact is that the vast majority of parents love and care for their children, put their children first and do all they can to see them happy. But what is also a fact is that the only real parenting model most have to guide them as they start their families, is the one their own parents or caregivers demonstrated as they were growing up. In most cases there were some very clear and unmistakable ‘feelings’ and emotions generated within them as they grew up…emotions and feelings they learned to just dismiss because first, they didn’t know what to do about them and second, because they were led to believe they were wrong to feel the way they did. Of course restraint/suppression is not the same as ‘dismissing’ and eventually the fallout of having had to ‘ignore’ their feelings as a child manifest later in life in all sorts of ways.

NOTE: There are those parents who willingly and/or deliberately abuse their children or allow another to do so. In the off chance you are reading this, please get help with your emotional issues now. Please, call Grace!

Getting free yourself will save your children a life-time of the emotional pain that results from having to deal with your ‘baggage’. Please, call us for confidential, non-judgemental assistance if you need to talk to someone…don’t take it out on your kids; they don’t deserve it.  Grace Hypnotherapy will take you to the root-cause of your emotional issues in order to set you free to become the parent you deserve to be.

Adult expectations are a pressure on children. We need to be aware of our expectations of others, especially our little, vulnerable, helpless-to-defend-themselves children. They are not here to meet our expectations, but their own. As parents it is our job to help them establish healthy, loving and caring expectations for themselves and the self-esteem and self-worth to meet their expectations. We sometimes forget that children develop holistically, and in an interconnected way until adults get in the way.

Holistic parenting is not a new-fangled way of raising kids. It’s not a ‘theory’ promoted by some Dr. Spock-like personality. It is an all natural concept that, at its core, recognizes that children are really just humans… with no knowledge or skills whatever when they come into the world and that they are wholly dependent on their caregivers for their very survival. Even more importantly, they are dependent on their caregivers for the belief system they will have to live with the rest of their lives. This is very hard for parents and caregivers to actually grasp at a deep level but is vitally important to their understanding of actions and reactions emanating from their children as they grow up.

Remember that a child will never remember what fancy runners you bought him, what he got at Xmas 10 years ago, but he will remember forever how you made him feel … was it like somebody you could boss around, or smother with ill-placed over-attention, etc … or was it a feeling that he/she was good, smart, wonderful, capable, loved without condition, accepted fully as equal and able to take on his/her world?


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