NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming

EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique

;  Both are tools in the healing arsenal of some Hypnotherapists.  As stand-alone therapies for the permanent resolution of the root cause of emotional issues, mental illness and implementation of life-changes, their effectiveness is questionable at best and certainly ‘evidence’ is hard to come by.  Given the number of clients who have sought Grace Hypnotherapy after trying NLP and/or EFT therapy alone, we concluded that neither of these, as stand-alone therapies, are reliable for permanently and effectively resolving most issues of life.

Certain aspects of both, employed strategically in therapy conducted by a competent Hypnotherapist, can be helpful to the final therapeutic outcome in certain cases.  Occasionally it is clear that certain aspects of one or the other or both tools would be helpful to achieving the goal of the client and Grace Hypnotherapy programs would employ the tool(s) to a measured extent where indicated.

Most professional hypnotherapists have practiced very successfully for years without using either ‘tool’.  More recent hypnotherapists swear by NLP and make the use of NLP primary in their practices… however the long-term success of their NLP treatments cannot be confirmed objectively. It would seem that the success claimed is likely attributable to the influence of the hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic techniques rather then to the NLP techniques alone.   Without the hypnosis, it is doubtful that NLP or EFT are effective beyond the temporary placebo they provide.

GracePlace Wellness™ feels that since we are practicing client-centered therapy, the needs of the client dictate, not the preferences of the therapist. We know of no time when NLP and EFT would be essential to a successful hypnotherapeutic outcome.   Most certainly we know of no case where the absence of NLP or EFT techniques caused hypnotherapy intervention to be unsuccessful.

Why Hypnotherapy Instead of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)?

Because of the absence of any firm, objective evidence supporting its sometimes overstated claims, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) seems to have enjoyed little, if any, support from the scientific community.  NLP, a psychological therapy,  seems to have made only limited impact on mainstream psychotherapy and counseling.   NLP has had an influence in management training models, life coaching and self-help industries, but it is not always clear if the influence is positive, helpful or long-lasting.  At GracePlace Wellness, we have occasionally used an NLP technique called ‘Swish’ to demonstrate to clients the power they have over their thought patterns. For this purpose, we have found it helpful to employ the occasional Swish after root-cause clinical hypnotherapy treatment has been completed.

NLP has more recently been included in research on potentially discredited interventions (Norcross et al 2006) and has been rated by experts and practitioners as one of  the  “top ten most discredited” interventions for substance abuse treatment (Norcross et al 2008).  Clearly, the 1st choice for addictions and substance abuse treatments is clinical hypnotherapy at GracePlace Wellness hypnotherapy and hypnosis treatment centre for addictions!   The best way to discover whether hypnotherapy could help you is to contact us or follow the link below to a printable PDF to learn more!

In Summary: At the very least, if you are considering using self-hypnosis, NLP, EFT or any other ‘technique’ for healing and self-discovery, take the time to consult with a competent Hypnotherapist to ensure you have all the facts before jumping to what may seem like a ‘quick fix’.  GracePlace Wellness is always happy to help you sort out the facts…simply contact us at your convenience.


To learn more about EFT in a printable format  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) PDF
To learn more about NLP in a printable format NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) PDF


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