Quit Smoking!


When there is an underlying reason for the habit, the problem driving the habit is found at the subconscious level and no amount of ‘willpower’ will overcome what is subconsciously driven.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking


Hypnotherapy does not rely on drugs, nicotine substitution or any other harmful substance. It addresses the root issues causing the unwanted habit, provides empowering techniques for permanent success and relapse prevention, provides customized support of the client over the 21-30 period (and beyond) while the body is detoxifying and healing from the effects of the nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, and provides additional information to assist the client to recover good health and well-being.


Research in Western countries has found that only 3-5% of quit attempts succeed using willpower alone ( Hughes et al., 2004) .


Hypnotists not trained and certified as Hypnotherapists are not trained to assist the client in identifying, releasing and re-learning root-cause issues. It is therefore vitally important to seek out a competent Hypnotherapist if you are ready to deal with smoking once and for all in a way that prevents the real reason for smoking from migrating to becoming yet another habit, such as overeating. It takes 21-30 days for changes to take a solid hold and therefore strategic support is essential to succeed in becoming a permanent non-smoker.


More often then not, no matter what they try that does not address the real reasons they smoke, smokers either cannot quit, pick up a substitute habit, have to be enslaved by alternative nicotine sources such as the ‘patch’, and/or cessation is temporary.

A serious commitment to arresting dependency upon nicotine is essential because the addiction is twofold…one psychological and the other physical. The ending of permanent psychological dependence is the purview of hypnotherapy to dissolve the root-cause, and the physical addiction requires attention to behaviors that trigger the urge, detoxification and the learning of new strategies.

Over the years many pharmaceutical stop aide drugs have been manufactured supposedly to assist persons in becoming non-smokers. Some do succeed in helping a person to stop smoking tobacco, but the kicker is that they are still hooked on nicotine or are still coping by using equally harmful pharmaceuticals. The other big concern about these drugs is that they are typically an anti-depressant with a stop-smoking name, so a smoker may not realize they may well be getting hooked on an anti-depressant drug as well.  In order words the root-cause of the habit and need to cope in the first place is still unaddressed when a person uses quick fixes. Like all drugs these pharmaceuticals have significant side-effects and the long-term negative health effects will not be known for decades.

Hypnotherapy’s success lies in the fact that it recognizes most smokers are burdened by a root-cause and that certain negative feelings cause an urge to reach for a cigarette to cope with the feeling… just like certain negative feelings cause an urge for an alcoholic to reach for a drink to cope with the feeling or a binge eater to eat when feeling stressed.

If you are ready to heal from the root-causes of smoking (or any other habit), then Grace Hypnotherapy is your best choice because it employs deep healing and not just ‘coping’ mechanisms or potentially more harmful chemical substitutes to deal with the symptom. The side-effect of using Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is that you are not addressing the smoking issues as separate from all other limiting issues in your life; you are dissolving all negative emotions and setting yourself free on all levels.


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