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soothing candles I had seen the wonderful benefits of Reiki first hand over the years. I felt that somehow Reiki could be used strategically to accelerate the permanent changes the client wanted as they healed themselves using hypnotherapy from problems such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, fear and phobias, sleep issues and performance issues, to name a few. And so, my quest to incorporate Reiki into my Hypnotherapy program proceeded in earnest.

Many people had expressed their frustration around feeling ‘so good’ after a Reiki, chiropractic or massage therapy treatment, only to find that within days to weeks, the old problems resurface. Of course there is a very good reason for this…all of these wonderful therapies do help one cope with physical and emotional issues by relieving the effects of stress and tension, but when the subconscious mind is not on board with the changes, relief is short-lived. Most people will tell you that no amount of thinking, massage, Reiki, medication, drinking, EFT, NLP or talking can take one past a bad feeling (belief) permanently. To my knowledge, only a change at the subconscious level with hypnotherapy seems to do so.

Over these last few years I have worked with a number of Reiki Masters as hypnotherapy clients, several of whom agreed whole-heartedly that a number of physical and emotional issues seem to be resistant to permanent resolution by Reiki and required repeated treatment. Of course, after experiencing the permanent resolution of their long-standing emotional issues with my hypnotherapy program, they now confidently refer their Reiki clients to my hypnotherapy program when their clients seem to suffer emotionally-based problems that keep them persistently tense and unwell.


Benefits of a Consultation with Grace – Understanding the Role of Root Causes

Before I accept a client for Grace Hypnotherapy, I ensure the client and I complete a 2-hour consultation session together. The consultation is designed to help a client understand that persistent symptoms of a deep and unresolved underlying anxiety, fear and/or depression can cause all manner of physical manifestations, not the least of which are constant tensions, headaches and muscle pains. This session also helps clients understand how they can use the power of Grace hypnotherapy to heal themselves.

Often clients come into a hypnotherapy consultation session with me expressing frustration at the lack of long-term resolution of their issues despite having tried ‘ every therapy in the book ‘. By the end of the consultation session with me, they can clearly recognize that as long as there is a subconscious root-cause at work, a banquet of symptoms will continue to surface. Once those clients have completed the three sessions of my emotional freedom hypnotherapy program they typically experience the permanent relief they were searching for.


Reiki-Enhanced Grace Hypnotherapy Helps Accelerate Desired Change

By incorporating my adapted Reiki treatment at just the right points in time in my hypnotherapy treatments of clients, I have observed clients experience permanent, positive change in as much as half the usual time…instead of the usual 30 days, we are seeing permanent and magnificent changes in 2 and 3 weeks.

My emotional freedom hypnotherapy program is successful with or without the enhancement of Reiki. But because there are no disadvantages to incorporating the additional life-force benefits of Reiki to further deepen the healing process and accelerate changes, with my clients consent, I employ a modified Reiki treatment customized to work strategically with my hypnotherapy program.

My work in REH © (Reiki-enhanced hypnotherapy) has shown me that while Reiki can provide benefits under most circumstances, it is the strategic employment and the customization of my non-touch Reiki treatment during hypnotherapy that has made the most remarkable difference in the speed of a client’s self-healing.

You will find that many hypnosis practitioners offer Reiki treatments, but note that my method and technique of enhancing hypnotherapeutic healing with an abbreviated and specialized Reiki treatment is unique. It is also entirely non-touch.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me at your convenience. I do not do full Reiki treatments or do Reiki treatments outside my hypnotherapy programs. I am able to refer you to a very capable and experienced Reiki Master should you be searching for one.


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