Daydreaming - healthy and funDay-dreaming is a type of self-hypnosis and most people have experienced it at least once in their lives and most of us, at least 2-10 times per day at times. Usually it is unintentional, very pleasant and invigorating for the individual. Thus, it is clear that you can put yourself into a state of hypnosis without a hypnotist, simply by allowing it.

Self-Hypnosis and Auto-suggestion a Perfect Blend

When a person deliberately channels their natural ability to focus intently to the exclusion of all other thoughts and awareness of ‘time passing’, yet, as with day-dreaming, remaining fully alert to one’s surroundings, the phenomenon is referred to as ‘self-hypnosis’. When one specifically repeats affirmations for change in order to achieve a certain, pre-determined goal, they are engaging in auto-suggestion. One therefore can benefit greatly from melding the two techniques so that positive auto-suggestions are repeated while the individual maintains him/herself in a state of trance.

Difference Between Day-dreaming and Self-hypnosis

A major difference between day-dreaming and self-hypnosis, which is also called meditation in many circles, is that self-hypnosis is a planned activity….typically to relax, focus and achieve some goal. Self-hypnosis can be put to a limitless variety of tasks…from reducing cravings and making insomnia a thing of the past to improving one’s golf score, social habits, and creative impulses. One can increase their learning ability, improve relationship skills, overcome fear of public speaking, elimination of mental blocks, pain management, mental refreshment and so on.

When to Use Self-Hypnosis

Some individuals wish to learn self-hypnosis for goals of a non-therapeutic nature…sports enhancement, study improvement, creativity, spiritual connection, etc and as GracePlace Wellness TM is a full-service hypnotherapy facility this is easily arranged and worked into a regular session or as a separate ‘learning’ session if so desired. By devoting a mere 20 minutes each day to this approach, you can literally take charge of your life. Remember permanent change/habit takes about 21-30 days of repetition!

Self-hypnosis (or auto-hypnosis) is NOT a technique one is to use to avoid proper medical or hypnotherapeutic assistance. Self-medication and self-treatment without knowing the nature of your illness or issues is unproductive and can be potentially damaging if your condition is serious and needs immediate diagnosis and attention by an expert. No matter what you want to achieve in life, common sense must prevail…get proper guidance and assistance when it is indicated.


So….go ahead and daydream to your heart’s content. It’s healthy and fun!

Not sure if self-hypnosis is for you? Feel free to contact us…we are always happy to help.


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