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Suicide Takes Away – Hypnotherapy Gives Back

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For yourself and for all the people who love and care about you, even if you don’t know them…please, call me (1-888-390-3553) or e-mail me before you do anything. Suicide will take away your life if you are successful, it may even take away many opportunities to be all you can be if you are not, BUT hypnotherapy can help you get back what you have always been looking for… YOU! I know, because I’ve been where you are right now and hypnotherapy saved my life. 

If you are suicidal know this:

  • many psychiatric drugs are known to cause suicidal thoughts and intensify depression and anxiety – you may be suffering from the effects of medications with harsh, direct effects or the withdrawal symptoms when trying to change dosages or drugs; see full length documentary  ‘Marketing in Madness‘;
  • you are not flawed, not less than, not unworthy… this is not your fault and you don’t deserve it;
  • you are not disposable; you are an equal and important creation of this Universe; your life has importance, even if you are feeling too sad and disconnected to realize it right now;
  • the depression you are suffering is not who you are; it does not define your worth;
  • many psychiatric drugs are known to cause suicidal thoughts and intensify depression and anxiety – you may be suffering from the effects of medications with harsh, direct effects or the withdrawal symptoms when trying to change dosages or drugs;
  • often when doses are changed or medications switched without the necessary slow weaning process, withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe (see a great book on this called The Antidepressant Solution by Dr. J. Glenmullen);
  • many street drugs, including marijuana can cause severe depression and a sense of hopelessness over time. Again, you are not flawed, not less than, not unworthy…you are suffering from the direct effects of harsh chemicals;
  • there are alternatives that are gentler, kinder and more effective in helping you get back on your feet – hypnotherapy is one of the finest;
  • you are loved and needed in this world; your life does have purpose and meaning, even if you don’t feel it right now.

I was looking up statistics on suicide and discovered that there were more global internet searches for methods of suicide than for suicide treatments. Suicide Chat Lines abound – Teen Suicide, Elder Suicide, male suicide and female suicide – the suffering knows no bounds. Despite all this awareness, and all the folks who really care, people still suffer needlessly. If you are one of those people, please read on…

The intense loneliness and emptiness that influences the thinking of a sufferer of depression, sadness and hopelessness prevents them from being able to see the limitless possibilities in their life. Their focus has become more and more narrowed, until only one option seems viable. The force of the feelings of powerlessness is beyond description.

Many people have tried drug-therapy and in fact, most of the clients I have worked with were on heavy psychiatric medications at the time they were seriously contemplating suicide. Many reported their suicidal ideation started after they were put on psychiatric medications. Indeed the track record of many anti-depressants is dismal at best.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Heal Yourself of Depression and End These Thoughts of Suicide

Hypnotherapy has helped many people of all ages reach inside themselves for the answer to their suffering. Many of my former clients came to hypnotherapy seeking answers to why they felt so disempowered, disconnected and hopeless…why their lives felt so worthless despite all the treatment modalities they had tried. They were not disappointed with the results of their self-healing with hypnotherapy. It gave them back their true self; it gave them back limitless opportunities to be them and all that being them brings to the Universal banquet. It gave them feelings of gratitude for who they are and who they’ve always been – wonderful, important creations of the Universe.

I realize you may feel that you have tried everything and maybe you have been given a whole list of diagnoses and drugs…all of which left you feeling even more discouraged and despairing. But BEFORE you make the decision to harm yourself, please try one more thing … hypnotherapy with a competent hypnotherapist (see Choosing Your Hypnotherapist). Suicide can be final, often it is not and the attempts bring more hardship. Hypnotherapy can give you back what you deserve – YOU, a perfect creation of the Universe! 


If you are reading this, you may be searching for that seemingly illusive answer to where you fit in and why you don’t feel worthy of being here. You may be trapped by the belief that you will always suffer with this emptiness. I ask that you give yourself this gift…give hypnotherapy a chance to help you out of this quicksand of sadness and despair.


Hypnotherapy is a dignified, unique, self-healing modality that allows people to go to that place within themselves safely, without drugs or invasive process, where the answers are…within, to the subconscious mind, which is the personal vault holding all of a person’s beliefs.

In hypnotherapy, you can safely enter and explore that subconscious ‘vault’ to re-frame unproductive beliefs (usually acquired in early childhood) about your value, to bring them more in alignment with what your Creator intended, all without labels (diagnoses) and drugs:

  • you are equal to all others on the planet; you are an important piece of the universal puzzle such that without you, the universal puzzle would be incomplete;
  • nothing anyone else can think, do or say can change your worth, which is equal to all others, and established, not by other humans or by circumstances, but rather by the Creator itself;
  • your value is equal to all others’ without exception; it cannot be diminished by anything or anybody; and
  • you are entitled to and deserve happiness and joy.

Remember, please, that the Creator does not make junk and does not make mistakes. Let me show you what I mean…call me before you do anything to hurt yourself 1-888-390-3553 and let me explain what you need to know.

with loving intention,
~ Grace

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