Treatment for Sexual, Relationship and Infidelity Issues

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Sex, Relationships, and Infidelity

Broken Relationships, Broken Hearts

‘Our unresolved emotional struggles affect every area of our lives even if we don’t realize it…relationships with our spouse, romantic partners, sexual & gender identity, children, first families, employers and co-workers…the list is endless.‘

Low self-worth and poor self-image are at the root of most relationship problems, because the inability to place appropriate value on oneself determines how others treat us, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. If we don’t feel a sense of value about ourselves, don’t feel safe or secure being who we are, we act and react in a way that reflects our perceptions of ourselves and our lives.

Coping with negative emotional feelings is de-energizing and draining over the long haul and good emotional and physical well being is not sustainable under such a burden.


If we listen to the pharmaceutical companies and their slick advertising we start doubting our very existence…they have millions of people believing they cannot sleep, have sex, work or play without their medications, yet there seems to be much evidence to show that pharmaceutical drugs  themselves are responsible for many of our problems.

While millions of sex aides are sold every day, the fact is that they too are self-limiting, because not only do they come with serious side-effects over time, but no pill can make a person feel whole, accepted and happy. Only a resolution of the doubts, negative feelings and confusion about self at the very deepest level of the individual, without the interference of outside ‘expert opinion’ can suffice. And that is precisely the relief hypnotherapy offers.

  • Is hypnotherapy a cost effective way to solve your relationship problems? YES!
  • Will you feel the benefits/relief within a relatively short period of time? YES!
  • Will hypnotherapy help you to build better relationships in future? YES!
  • Can a Hypnotherapist help you determine if your low libido, erectile dysfunction or other sexual issue is the result of medication side-effect?  YES!

There are many reasons why a person may struggle with low self-worth and self-esteem. Whatever the root-causes for the development of these low feelings of one-self, they have many tentacles and expression of the feelings are seen in everything from severe weight management problems, poor body image, promiscuity, risk-taking, depression, anxiety, fear of trying new things, fear of failure, serial infidelity, inability to commit, indecision, social withdrawal, aggressiveness (defensiveness) …

When an individual doesn’t believe they are equal, lovable, smart, adequate and capable just as they are – in other words, when they don’t trust in themselves and their inner resources – they need constant reinforcement from their external world. In worst case scenarios it is not uncommon to hear that severely battered women believe that the beatings are ‘proof’ their partner loves them, because they believe that they are so worthless that no one else would bother to even beat them.

Hypnotherapy is well known to assist in the relief of depressive symptoms without resorting to medication, as well as non-organic sexual dysfunction not caused by medications.  Regardless which comes first, the sexual dysfunction or the depressive feelings, hypnotherapy can help! 

  1. According to the Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, ED that cannot be linked to physical causes has been successfully treated by hypnosis. In this trial, three out of every four men in the trial were helped.
    [Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology. 31: 271-4, 1997]
  2.  According to the British Journal of Urology, hypnosis improved the sexual function of men with no organic cause for their impotence at a rate of 80%. The interesting part about this study is that hypnosis outperformed both testosterone and trazodone.
    [Aydin S et al. “Efficacy of testosterone, trazodone and hypnotic suggestion in the treatment of non-organic male sexual dysfunction.” British Journal of Urology. 77(2):256-60, 1996.]


People who were abused as children (physical beating, psychological or sexual abuse) are more likely to suffer unrealistic low self esteem as adults. This is because of the constant repetition of a ‘message’ that they are of little value or just an object to be used. In a way, they have been ‘brain washed’ about their value by constant criticism or abuse.Sufferers of low self esteem pander to a particular attitude towards success – that is, they view perceived failures as direct statements about their ‘core identity’.Low self-esteem begins in childhood. The major contributors to low self-esteem are parents, teachers, child-care workers, grandparents, siblings, peers, and other relatives and authorities in the child’s life. The wrong messages are accumulated over time to become firmly entrenched in the child’s subconscious.

Those with low self-esteem tend to be very sensitive and defensive, fear rejection and have difficulty trusting themselves and others.

Contrary to popular opinion, people with low self-esteem are always very sure of themselves. They are sure they are worthless or worth less than others in at least one area of their lives and usually in most areas of their lives – they are absolutely sure they are flawed or inadequate. Anything positive that happens to them is just good luck, chance or someone else’s generosity. Any negative that happens they feel they probably deserved.

Parents/caregivers, however, have the best and most consistent opportunity to influence the view a child has of himself.


The only permanent way to re-frame one’s poor image of oneself (both at the youth and adult stages of life) is to tackle the issues at the subconscious level, which is done by a hypnotherapist while the individual is in hypnosis. One million positive affirmations at the conscious (thinking level) or hundreds of tablets of sexual enhancers will simply not fix what the subconscious has not agreed to.


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