Eating Disorders Clinic vs Hypnotherapy: 5 reasons to choose clinical hypnotherapy treatment

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There are 5 main reasons to choose a competent clinical hypnotherapist instead of a conventional eating disorders clinic:

Eating Disorders Resolve with Hypnotherapy

Eating Disorders Resolve with Hypnotherapy

  • Eating disorders clinics are not designed to identify and dissolve the underlying root issues causing the self-sabotaging behaviors. According to a report by K. McAleavey PMID:20664141[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] “ Conventional therapy for eating disorders has focused on behavioral approaches, medical models, and combinations of both, with lesser emphasis on psychological and wellness models. Because eating disorders are often difficult to treat and the individuals who have them often exhibit significant comorbidities, such as addictions, depression and anxiety, the long-term success rate (3-5 years or more)-defined as recovery and abstinence from the disorder behaviors-is in the 40% to 50% range, at best.”  Thus, behavioral approaches, medical models, and combinations of both which do not address the root issues central to the need to self-sabotage, are clearly ineffective if the goal is to cure the problem.
  • Any issue, whether an eating disorder or an emotional eating habit, is rooted in a deeper, emotional, unresolved feeling of being unsafe.  The feeling of being unsafe for whatever reason (not attractive enough, not smart enough and so on) causes a severe and prolong anxiety that must be dealt with, either by overeating or under-eating, or over-eating and purging.  There are typically more than one coping mechanism present and root-cause removal addresses all of these simultaneously.
  • Eating disorders clinics typically attempt to teach a patient to manage their issue by providing cognitive behavioral therapy which generally involves many sessions and little permanent resolution of the symptom and of the underlying reason the symptom — the eating disorder — exists in the first place.  As a result, the drop-out rate at eating disorders clinics is extremely high.  Hypnotherapy on the other had involves 3-6 sessions and first and foremost aims for complete and permanent resolution.
  • The power of suggestion while one is in the state of hypnosis has been shown repeatedly to be significantly more lasting as a treatment for eating disorders than merely imposing change at the logical level.  The power of hypnotic suggestion for change after the resolution of the deep emotional drivers at the subconscious level using clinical hypnotherapy techniques typically results in permanent resolution of all eating disorders including binge eating, emotional eating, obesity, anorexia and bulimia.  There can be no argument that in a comparison of clinical hypnotherapy vs. eating disorder clinic, the clinical hypnotherapy treatment of eating disorders can be shown to be most efficient and effective with any willing client.
  • Regression hypnotherapy (not past life regression) which strives to identify and reframe pivotal childhood traumas has resulted in complete resolution of all self-sabotaging behaviors including eating disorders.  Preceding cognitive behavioral therapy — which should address the quality of diet and negative thinking — with regression hypnotherapy, is an efficient, cost-effective, drug-free and most especially dignified and empowering resolution for the client.Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist has long experience with helping clients permanently resolve eating disorders and the related self-sabotaging behaviors.  With some 40 years experience in natural nutrition and natural living, she can help you identify and resolve dietary issues and provide the advice you need to become well and fit.  1-888-390-3553 


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