Hypnotherapy Ethics, Confidentiality and Anonymity

GracePlace Wellness Hypnotherapy Ethics & Confidentiality – Anonymity Offered!

GracePlace Wellness™ treats all contact with clients, potential clients and enquiries with the utmost confidentiality and respect. Consent is obtained from each individual client by asking them to sign a form at the time of their first appointment. (see ‘Anonymity’ below if being anonymous is important to you). Information that is not pertinent is not obtained and unnecessary information, if volunteered, not recorded.

We practice hypnotherapy in strict accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychology. Code of Ethics is posted clearly in our office.

The information that GracePlace Wellness™ may collect on its clients, with their consent (and only if necessary to the healing process), includes name, address, gender, age, birth date, history, business description, marital status, number of children, email and personal information pertaining to their particular situation. Information is gathered from clients for the following purposes only: to provide appropriate hypnotherapy services; to generate an invoice/receipt; to be able to contact the individual client for upcoming appointments; and to provide follow up services when appropriate and requested. NO client information which could remotely identify a client is or will be stored electronically.


GracePlace Wellness™ will not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from the client, except as provided by law. The client has a right to be allowed access to my written record about them. All requests for release of any information to a client or other person must be supported by a clear Authorization to Release Direction signed by the client and a picture ID of that client (if not requested in person). If the client is a child, a guardian’s signature will be required for all documentation and any release of the child’s records requires the same protocol as stated above.Information gathered is retained in a secret, secure location outside the office, except when in use during session. ONLY Grace Joubarne has access to client information and all information will be destroyed by way of shredding after 5 years or upon request of the client. No copies of original documentation exist, other then those requested in writing by the client personally.


We realize that there are subjects and incidents that are so sensitive that extra efforts must be made to make the healing process comfortable for and accessible to all. Further to all the assurances listed under Confidentiality, if a client so chooses, their name and personal data may remain anonymous. This is facilitated by asking the client to provide the last 4 digits of their provincial health card number for future file reference. Should they later wish to have a copy of their record, they will be required to provide their ID # which will be the last 4 digits of their health card number and a picture ID. If this assurance of anonymity is still not sufficient, we are interested in learning how YOU feel we can make the healing process comfortable for you.


All clients are provided our Privacy Statement at intake to ensure transparency and to provide information in the event of a complaint or concern. This statement informs clients as to how their personal information is handled and that all handling meets the requirements of the Personal Information Protections Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).




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