Holistic Healing Therapies in Danger of College of Psychotherapy Oppression

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Act to Protect Holistic Therapies

At a time when millions of Canadians are choosing safe, dignified and effective holistic healing therapies for resolution of emotional, behavioral, cognitive and mental issues, all Ontario practitioners of such wonderful and increasingly more sought out therapies are in danger of being closed down.  The College of Psychotherapy has succeeded in obtaining legislative wording in the Registered Health Professions Act that makes ‘the assessment and treatment’ of human disturbances an ‘act of psychotherapy’.  Visit Stop Psychotherapy Takeover to learn more and to help push back.

Please keep this discussion going and visit the Facebook page dedicated to generating public outcry against this intrusion on our constitutional right to choose our own remedies.  If you believe in your right to choose, if you have benefitted from alternative therapies and if you are a practitioner of holistic healing therapies of any kind, including clergy ministering, please get involved now.

This push-back against the tyranny of the licensed professions in the health care world in Ontario needs everyone’s help.  Please take the time to visit Stop Psychotherapy Takeover and donate as much as possible.  While few people care if they want to regulate themselves, most people do not one lobby group to control all health care treatments or to be in a position to force alternatives, such as energy healing, to be put out of business.


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I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and one of my passions is helping children, teens and adults navigate the challenges and stressors we all face today. I’ve traveled the road to emotional wellness from a childhood of hardship to reach happiness and contentment. Today I am relentless in my goal that everyone willing to heal themselves be afforded the experience this life-saving healing modality offers.

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