Spiritual vs Religious

Spiritual? Religious?

Ottawa Church For those very concerned about where hypnotherapy falls in terms of acceptance by various religions we offer the follow information:

Dr. James H. Stewart MD, in his review Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine, Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2005;80:511-524 states:

  • In 1847, the Roman Catholic Church indicated acceptance of hypnosis, noting that hypnosis was not morally forbidden;
  • In 1956, Pope Pius XII noted its use for childbirth and indicated the need for proper precautions as for other forms of medical treatment;
  • Other religions (with exceptions) have shown acceptance, with ministers of different faiths trained in and using hypnosis in their practices. 25 ( 25. Durbin PG. Kissing Frogs: Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy. 2nd ed.Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co; 1998).

There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality. Religion often comes with rules, regulations, “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”… impositions. Spiritual awareness is an individual, inner sense of connection to all that is, with or without religion. It is a feeling that one is not alone, that one has all the resources within themselves to live fulfilling lives on their terms… and without requiring the approval of others.

The experience of becoming totally self-accepting and self-loving because one finally understands that they are a perfect creation of the universe and what makes them perfect is their uniqueness -their imperfections  – is a life-giving event, irrespective of religious beliefs.

The purpose of hypnotherapy is not to direct one to or away from any particular belief system, it is to help an individual become emotionally free in order that THEY may choose their own belief systems and values.

At GracePlace Wellness™ three indisputable facts are acknowledged and honoured:

  • you are unique…there is no one else exactly like you!
  • your journey is unique…no one has received exactly the same ‘set of cards’ from the universe!
  • no one can ever know what is right for you except you. The information is NOT available to anyone else, no matter how much education, societal status or opinion they might have.


The only sure way of obtaining the truth about one’s true self and true desires in life is to connect with one’s subconscious and to our knowledge, the only way to do that and honor the individual at all levels and in all ways is through hypnotherapy, employing the state of inner awareness we call hypnosis.


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