Stress management support groups, non-psychiatric methods and the root cause approach of Hypnotherapy

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In the early 1900s Quakers founded highly successful mental hospitals across the USA that did not use psychiatric methods. Instead, they ably demonstrated that those depressed and/or schizophrenic could be nursed — by providing stress management support groups and guidance for life style changes — right back to health and returned to their jobs and families within 6-months to a year.

And this is the case today… studies have shown repeatedly that with optimal treatment management, not involving psychology or psychiatry, un-medicated patients can resolve their emotional issues and return to their lives.  In fact, even psychiatric dogs are proving to be superior to psychiatric and talk therapy treatments.  With a caring, knowledgeable treatment / stress management therapist and a change in lifestyle habits people can and do heal themselves and learn stress management techniques that serve them well for life.

Those medicated and/or electroshocked are most likely to find a worsening condition to the point where it is common to find psychiatric patients also dealing with 2-3 chronic illnesses within a few short years of starting drug treatment.

A multitude of studies since 1950 have shown that un-medicated, but supported and competently counseled mental health patients will resume their normal activities within a year and in the vast majority of cases, without relapse. In fact, many ethical doctors, counselors and therapists have shown that most people will experience bouts of depression and/or anxiety that will pass with just a change of circumstances…a job after a long unemployment period, healing after a nasty divorce and so on. These successfully resolved bouts increase an individual’s resilience and determination, especially when armed with stress management strategies.

As observed in my hypnotherapy practice located in Ottawa and Belleville, Ontario, persistent anxiety and depression disorders can be resolved safely and permanently with drug-free, diagnosis-free, regression therapy treatments.  Grace Hypnotherapy is an approach designed to identify and neutralize the underlying root cause of the feelings of being unsafe and not secure which prevails in the client’s life. This therapy goes beyond the typical psychological and psychotherapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work at the subconscious level where all emotion is manifest and stored and where changes can be readily facilitated for successful treatment of many issues including stress management.

As Dr. Breggin and so many other ethical medical doctors warn, psychiatric diagnoses serve the doctor and the insurance companies that pay the doctor, never the patient. In addition they are often entirely incorrect, always without scientific merit.  To remain healthy everyone must avoid all psychiatric medications . They do not work and the sheer numbers of these brain-damaging drugs on the market and the thousands of manufactured illnesses and early deaths that result from their use are all testament to psychiatric drug therapy’s complete uselessness.

Dr. Peter Breggin , world renowned expert on psychiatric drugs, makes one especially sobering point: that if everyone could realize before taking any psychiatric drugs that these drugs were designed to replace surgical lobotomies they would then have all the information they need to make a fully informed decision. Psychiatric drugs are chemical lobotomies and their purpose is solely to disabled the normal function of the pre-frontal cortex portion of the brain.

All psychiatric medications affect the pre-frontal cortex area of the brain, usually permanently. This is serious, as the pre-frontal cortex is that part of the brain that regulates emotion, thought, long-term and short-term decision making, memory, concentration, ability to focus and engage in productive deductive reasoning. Without a healthy pre-frontal cortex it is difficult to learn new tasks, especially complex tasks and employ reasoning (as used in stress management) to calm oneself effectively.

Therapy treatments for anxiety and depression, when undertaken with a skilled hypnotherapist, offer an opportunity to resolve the underlying reason for the anxiety and to strengthen the ability of the client to learn new thinking patterns and behaviors and to regulate their own emotions. In other words, it enhances brain function; it does not disable brain function as chemical treatments do and thus it becomes easy to learn stress management techniques.




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I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and one of my passions is helping children, teens and adults navigate the challenges and stressors we all face today. I’ve traveled the road to emotional wellness from a childhood of hardship to reach happiness and contentment. Today I am relentless in my goal that everyone willing to heal themselves be afforded the experience this life-saving healing modality offers.

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