For years, I had been having terrible migraines anywhere from 2 to 6 times a month.  Since my treatment with Grace almost 4 months ago, I have had only one minor episode.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.  My quality of life has vastly improved thanks to her.

Christine Massey, Brampton, ON

I suffered with a ton of stress from being in the “fast lane on empty”. …I dealt with issues of anger, frustration, unresolved grief as well as depressive feelings (due to my mothers murder) and many other life-limiting issues. After my sessions with Grace, I started to sleep better, and even dropped a few pounds as well lower my pain medications.

~ Betty Cornelius, McArthurs Mills, ON

There has been a real shift in my levels of confidence, self-esteem, and ability to accept myself without judgement.

~ Jeff C, Alexandria, ON

I have that sense of peace I’ve been missing… I am content now in who I am and I don’t need to exceed the highest of expectations to be happy with myself… I’ve got nothing more to prove to myself… I am free.

~ Darryl Smith, Richmond, ON

Grace’s work is powerful, miraculous, and for me, life saving. The quality of my life has improved immeasurably.

~ Janet L, Cornwall, ON

I started seeing Grace in December 2014.  I was a What if… what if kind of person.  Always figuring the worst will happen about everything.  And if something did happen, I would be sure to blow it out of proportion. I stressed all day and most nights about my dogs, my cottage, my kids.

The first thing I noticed after the first session was that my sleep was far more restorative.  My husband noticed I was far more at ease, especially with the kids.  I really love my life now and actually look forward to challenges…they stretch me and I’m not afraid of them anymore.

~ Julie B. de…, March 2015


I am now able to sleep at night and my headaches are gone, I feel much better throughout the day. My relationship with my husband and children is improving and I feel wonderful.

~Warna C, Buffalo, New York

After 3 sessions with Grace, I feel incredible, my IBS symptoms have disappeared after 14 years, and my body appears to be working in sync for the first time in forever!

~ Bonnie Van-d, Ottawa, ON

Thank You Grace. You Saved Me From Myself.

~ Tracey B, Belleville, ON

I’m so glad that I was courageous enough to try something new and the outcome was just UNBELIEVABLE.

~ Anita.K., Trenton, ON

After meeting with Grace I was able to use my willpower and maintain my weight loss and came out with a wealth of information.

~ Kathy C, Ottawa, ON

Before hypnotherapy I was lactose intolerant, suffering from an old gymnastics injury in my knee, overweight and not sleeping. Now that my subconscious mind is at ease and I am in control of my life I have shed those symptoms feeling more alive and healthy than ever before. I have the confidence in myself to make dreams happen and succeed in my goals. Plus a full night’s rest does wonders.

~ Jodie Wight, Ottawa, ON

Any client that makes an appointment with Grace can be assured that she will go above and beyond what most hypnotherapists will do to research and develop therapy sessions that are comprehensive and excellent.

~Sherry Hood, Clinical Lecturer, BC

After 20 years of psychotherapy, hospitalizations and drug therapy, I have been blessed recently to meet Grace who showed me how to use my mind’s natural ability to heal myself. Grace is one of the most empowering women I have ever met. I felt at ease and comfortable in her presence.

My consultation with her was initially to resolve my major snake phobia. I had spent three or four summers, once a week, with a desensitization therapy to no avail. After one consultation and two sessions with Grace, I feel like a new person. I feel such a sense of freedom. Not only is my snake phobia resolved, but so many other areas of my life have been renewed and restored. I am finally free of so many symptoms I was told would last a lifetime (DID, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and Major Depressive Episodes). So many other areas in my life have been set free with my own inner healing. My mood is improved, my energy restored. My interest in things is enhanced and most, if not all, of my triggers are gone. I am beginning to decrease my meds (with the assistance of my psychiatrist) and hope to be completely free of them within a couple of months.

Friends have referred to the “new me”, but I can see it’s really the “old me”, someone I haven’t spent time with in such a long, long time. Praise the Lord for Grace.

~ Carole Baker, Carp, Ontario

Diagnosed many years ago with “bipolar2″ disorder, and treated with a succession of the supposedly “new miracle drugs” for the condition, I suffered through a multitude of related severe and damaging side-effects, all the time hoping for a normal and happy future. Instead I became a “loner” with a tendency to hang on to the negative emotions brought on by the many painful occurrences in my life. My bedroom became my “haven” where somehow I felt safe and secure.

Here I could concentrate on the physical pain that seemed to have become my lot in life. Diagnosed with sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia , nerve damage, etc…. I faithfully took all prescribed drugs and hoped that “pills” would eventually free me of all this pain. IT DID NOT HAPPEN {A host of “disturbing side effects and temporary relief” was all I could hope for.) After picking up Grace’s business card and thinking of possible good results I finally made 3 appointments.

Grace has helped me let go of the negative emotions that kept me from going forward in life. For the physical pain Grace has referred me to an excellent chiropractor and to a medical doctor who has prescribed and supervised a detoxification program based on natural remedies.

I now feel happy, energetic and motivated. I have acquired a new bicycle and hope to use it a lot. I have also taken Reiki level 1 and 2 and hope to be a Reiki Master by the end of the year. My physical condition has improved notably. Most of the pain is gone. I feel alive again! My psychiatrist is amazed by all this improvement and I am now down to 1 pill a night for my bipolar 2 disorder.

Thank You, Grace! Your skill as a hypnotherapist has helped me find the right path to follow.

~ J. Bouvier, Ottawa, Ontario

I met Grace the spring of this year and was intrigued by what I heard about Hypnotherapy. I had been suffering from IBS, chronic pain and had been overweight for the past ten years of my life. I was ready and waiting to meet with Grace.

After only two sessions with Grace I started to feel changes. Suddenly I started to hear you look great, you’ve lost weight, your skin glows and as my husband so eloquently put it you’ve changed.. Grace helped me see that simple life changing steps can create big changes in your life. By changing myself and how I think I have changed almost every relationship in my life including my family, husband and seven year old son.

Two months later I have lost 30 lbs, I no longer suffer from IBS and I have learned some very affective pain managing strategies. Through the guidance of hypnotherapy I have learned self healing. Thanks Grace for making such a difference in my life.

~Faye Roblin, Owner and Exercise Therapist
The Centre for Health and Fitness
172 Main St. Suite 207, Picton, Ontario

Right after WFive aired our CANGRANDS kinship show I got the most amazing offer from Grace to assist in helping a child she had seen on that show. Knowing nothing about Hypnotherapy I did not feel I could pass along Grace’s most generous offer with out getting more information.

Before I referred Grace to others, I decided to try “Grace” so that I could learn more on what exactly Hypnotherapy was.

I am so pleased to say that Grace was even kinder and more understanding in person than she had been on the phone and via her emails. Grace offer me time slots that worked for my three hour commute and was able to see me the next day as well so I did not have to come travel back the following week.

I suffered with a ton of stress from being in the “fast lane on empty”. During my sessions; I dealt with issues of anger, frustration, unresolved grief as well as depressive feelings (due to my mothers murder) and many other life-limiting issues. After my sessions with Grace, I started to sleep better, and even dropped a few pounds as well lower my pain medications. The best part is with proper rest I once again feel like taking better care of myself and friends have mentioned how I look better and am calmer to be around.

Thanks Grace!
~ Betty Cornelius
RR# 1 Mc Arthurs Mills, Ontario, K0L2M0

I am Richard Reise and I would like to explain how Hypnotherapy assisted me in improving my everyday life. Prior to trying Hypnotherapy it was a day-to-day struggle to get through what should have been normal life. I even tried working with a psychiatrist, who was only ale to offer me medication to suppress my feelings.

For years I lived with feelings of not being ‘good enough’ and intense anger and frustration with not being able to understand why I was reacting to situations that would normally arise in life. I was smoking heavily and tried self-medicating for years and it was damaging me physically and emotionally.

I tried Hypnotherapy with Grace Joubarne at GracePlace Wellness in August 2008 and since then I have dramatically cut down my cigarette smoking and no longer feel a need for self-medication. My relationships with my wife and son have improved to the point where we can sit and have family discussions without turmoil and stress. My outlook on everyday life is much more positive and balanced. I expect that I will be a non-smoker very soon and found it no struggle whatever to stop self-medicating. I feel physically healthier and more vibrant and my enthusiasm is boundless.

I know where I stand in life and now feel I stand in a really good place and feel equal. I no longer feel as though I have to apologize for who I am. At work, I have been told by my supervisors that they have noticed a huge improvement in the way I communicate and voice my opinions. These positive changes have enabled me to be more productive and effective, which in turn resulted in my getting new responsibilities. Because my true potential is now shining through, my managers are rewarding my new-found confidence and outlook with more responsibility on the job.

The things in my past that I used to think about all the time, that I used to get depressed about and which used to prevent me from focusing on what I truly wanted out of life dissolved in a matter of a month. I used to feel so tired, heavy and discouraged. Now I feel a freedom where I can do anything I want without any feelings of fear that I might fail. I always know I can succeed.

To be able to heal in a few sessions with Grace for a fraction of the cost of psychotherapy and medication is stupendous. I wish I had known about Hypnotherapy many years ago so I could have had this life-changing emotional freedom sooner and could have avoided all the physical damage and emotional turmoil that I’ve suffered along the way.

I highly recommend Grace Joubarne and her emotional freedom work to anyone who feels limited in life.

~Richard Reise
Ottawa, ON

My Grace experience… and how I got my authentic life back…

I have been beating myself up for a long long time people !! Didn’t think I was.. didn’t know I was. Truly I thought I had everything under control. I could have the world by the tail if I exhausted myself physically and mentally. I thought that was what everyone did to be successful.

I grew up in an environment where no matter what I did it wasn’t enough, never living up to a parent’s expectations does scar you. It was pounded into me that I was insignificant and insufficient as I am sure many of you can relate to.

Have you ever planned the perfect vacation; right down to the smallest detail? Where nothing can go wrong… and nothing does go wrong.

The vacation is as spectacular as you had hoped it would be. But wait; you still just can’t enjoy it… can’t absorb those special moments… can’t appreciate it !!! Why???

For me it was because I was too busy thinking about planning the next moment… the next vacation… the next big adventure!!! How constantly disappointed I have always been, never feeling any joy , satisfaction or personal peace.

My former boss saw that I was constantly going to the extreme to perform and thought she’d do me a huge favour and help me get some peace in my life. She wanted me to enjoy the wealth of beauty and love she saw already in my life. Maybe I could soak up all those blessings in my life. What a wonderful, priceless gift she has offered me.

Enter Grace!! I have a somewhat open mind, and I am as skeptical as the next guy especially where any kind of hypnosis or hypnotherapy is concerned. Sounded like a lot of nonsense to me. But I respect my boss too much to disregard her suggestion and may I say just how grateful I am that I did go to see Grace.

Grace enabled me to find the answers I had in me the whole time. Can you imagine that…?!! All she did was help me see what was right in front of me, examine it; forgive or accept it and then let it go!! It really is that simple. All the common sense and good judgment I needed was in me already, I just didn’t know how to utilize it or make sense of it.

I needed to eliminate that negative conversation I was repeating in my head my whole life. You know the one where I was inadequate and never good enough. I had the power to do that all by myself… but needed Grace to show me how to do it… how to understand it, how to forgive others and myself in some cases for those negative actions and feelings I gave all my power to my whole adult life.

That old cliché about how “life is too short” becomes so apparent through this process. I’ve wasted too many years living those negative mantras and not really living at all. I thought I knew joy… but didn’t know how to really feel it. I’ve lead an adventurous, exciting and challenging life which I could not – would not – trade.

Now with Grace’s assistance, I am rid of those negative unproductive feelings, so I can stop beating myself up for choices I made as a child, or choices that were made for me. You too can set yourself free… it’s easy; All you have to do is take charge of your life… call Grace and get started on your issues. I am free!

I want to be fully in every moment now… absorb the experience. That’s true peace! I am amazed at how spectacular the world looks when I am standing still and taking it all in. I can never repay the kindness of my boss and the wisdom of Grace… except by fulfilling my life to the max. And I am doing just that. Hypnotherapy is for real people!!

Make your own happiness a priority… give yourself the best gift possible… You!

~ Wendy Bird-Routliffe
Ottawa , ON

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself ” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

When a fear of something starts to alter your everyday life and you have the uncontrollable urge to avoid that fear it is known as a phobia. In my case, what if your phobia was of being afraid . I had a fear of being fearful. I disliked the feeling of not having control and panic so much that I created within myself rules just so I could get through everyday life. I would set up an “alarm system” in front of the bathroom door to sound an intruder, I would sleep with the lights on at night, and I was excessively checking and re-checking locked doors. It was getting to the point of putting a lot of stress on me and on my external relationships. I could have gone to therapy; but during my search for a therapist that specialized in phobias I came across the GracePlace Wellness website ( www.graceplacewellness.ca ). I had read up on hypnotherapy in the past but there were always so many biased opinions from people who had never performed or had it performed upon them. I had my decision made after reading Grace Joubarne’s quote ” Hypnotherapy doesn’t have to be your last resort…. it can be your first and best .”

It took a lot of courage to e-mail Grace about my issue. I had never really spoken about it to anyone and wasn’t sure if I was explaining it in a way that another person could comprehend it. Her reply gave me hope. She was all warmth and encouragement. I didn’t know what to expect from hypnotherapy but upon her reply I knew I was willing to give it a chance and that I was in good hands.

The first session with Grace is like a run-down of what hypnotherapy is. She has a brilliant layout that can be understood by all age groups and level of education. People are nervous going into something that has stigma attached to it but the explanation provided makes you step back and say “that makes a lot of sense; I don’t see how this couldn’t work.” And that’s because it does.

I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Grace. She said I did wonderfully! The most important thing to remember about hypnotherapy is that you are not there to be “fixed” by someone else. It is up to you and success will only be achieved with your fullest efforts. I was determined to be rid of my illogical phobia that had no place in my rational mind. We went through the stages of finding out what had initially triggered my fear of being fearful. It just so happened to be something as simple as a cousin scaring me with a mask when I was 4. Now disbelievers who have never tried hypnosis would ask how I could possibly know that happened. The subconscious mind which you work with to rewrite how you feel about a past event never forgets. It was a scary experience but I spoke to my subconscious representation of my four year old self and told her everything was ok and there was no reason to be scared any more. After going through the events, letting go of all the things to be a better person and being filled by Grace with positive reinforcement and happiness, it is then up to you.

I felt like a new person after the second session and then the happiest after the third. I had the courage to move on from a negative relationship, to focus on making myself healthier, and most importantly being brave enough to face my fears without panic but with complete control and calmness. If ever I am faced with a situation that in the past would have rendered a panic attack I go to my peaceful place and regain myself. I do not fear fear any longer. Now do I go out for a stroll at night by myself? No. I still have my rational mind. Only my subconscious feels differently about fear, no longer stressing my mind or body.

It’s amazing what stress does to the body. Before hypnotherapy I was lactose intolerant, suffering from an old gymnastics injury in my knee, overweight and not sleeping. Now that my subconscious mind is at ease and I am in control of my life. I have shed those symptoms, feeling more alive and healthy than ever before. I have the confidence in myself to make dreams happen and succeed in my goals. Plus a full night’s rest does wonders.

Don’t be quick to judge. Hypnotherapy is there because it works without relapse and soon will take over the therapy world because it gets to the root of the problem without the loss of time or becoming discouraged. I was so inspired by Grace’s work and that of hypnotherapy that I have chosen to pursue a career that involves it. Perhaps then I may help others as hypnotherapy and Grace’s guidance has.

~ Jodie Wight (Age 22)
Graduate of Psychology,
Current student of counselling and Prospective student of Hypnotherapy

It was a pleasure having Grace as my student. I am very proud when I hear of all of her accomplishments and achievements in this field. I know with certainty that Grace will be instrumental in bringing hypnotherapy forward to its rightful place for future generations of hypnotherapists.

~ Sherry M. Hood M.H., C.CHt.
Clinical Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine
University of Alberta.
Founder / Head Instructor
The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy
#203 – 30 Begbie Street, New Westminster , B.C. V3M 3L9
(778) 397-7714