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Hypnosis for weight loss:“I can recall consulting with a client who wanted to lose 36 lbs within a month, and without really changing her habits. She did not believe in exercise…a brisk sit was enough for her! An ethical hypnotherapist will decline such a client.The body needs time to adjust and for most people the amount of excess skin which would suddenly appear, would be a huge disappointment. More importantly the client was clearly over-weight due to indulgence in foods which provided little real nutrition (therefore no stamina to exercise) and many empty calories. Her expectations were that this could be achieved with 3 hypnotherapy sessions…and she didn’t have the time to listen to CD’s.Clearly there were self-worth issues confronting this prospective client ( who was understandably declined ) and when this was broached with her, she was not interested in pursuing the root-cause of her self-destructive behavior. We bring this example to your attention because we do not want you to waste your money or your time if you are not fully committed to reaching your goal in a healthful way. GracePlace Wellness™ takes great pride in the success it has with it’s clients and owes much of its success to accepting truly motivated clients.

After reading this information it should be easy to see that many aspects of weight management MUST be considered before undertaking hypnosis for weight loss and management program… if you intend to be successful!

Remember…quick fixes do not exist.

There must be significant commitment when it comes to Weight Management.


Hypnotherapy can enable people to enjoy a deep-rooted sense of responsibility for their own health making healing the body a process which is long-lasting and self-empowering, not to mention healthier and more vital.

Hypnotherapy is in some ways a vehicle for the transfer of energy, which can give you the strength, self-love and awareness to make radical changes in your lifestyle.

  • Before any weight loss program is ever attempted, it is necessary to pinpoint the main cause (root cause) and address it to insure that weight loss is safe and permanent.  More often then not, weight management problems are due to the weight-gain side effects of psychiatric medications, the exercise intolerance causing side-effects of anti-cholestrol and high blood pressure medications, and/or  the direct effects of genetically-modified foods (GMOs) which are designed to be weight producing and addictive. These, if relevant, must be addressed before and during all hypnotherapy treatments for weight management.
  • there is no magic pill for weight management; it requires the full commitment and participation of the client. Without willingness and commitment to change, hypnotherapy will be no more successful then yo-yo diets, since it cannot force anyone to do anything. Hypnotherapy can help with generating powerful motivation and can help remove the originating cause of the issue, but it cannot buy your food, make your meals, read the product labels for you or force you to exercise. It can help keep your motivation high, positive and productive, but actually doing it is your responsibility;
  • ALL weight loss must occur on an individual basis and be approached critically. The advantages and disadvantages of losing weight have to be weighed out if the patient has a chronic illness;
  • when we are children all sorts of unproductive ‘beliefs’ flow down into the subconscious about ourselves, implanting solidly until they are removed by hypnotherapy because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie; some of the lies we may learn are that fresh fruits and veggies are not fun, junk food and processed food is natural and/or healthy for you (commercials), smoking is groovy, alcohol makes us look cool and attractive, skinny is ‘in’ (mass media) and so on;
  • if we can convince the conscious (thinking) mind to allow us to implant a positive seed into the subconscious mind and then water that seed for at least thirty days or more, we will undoubtedly have success in weight management.


That’s why at GracePlace Wellness™ it is called a Weight Management Program and not a quick fix.  READ MORE by clicking the PDFs listed below!! …

GracePlace Wellness Approach to Weight Management PDF
What You Need to Know About Sensible Weight Management PDF
Fat or Thin PDF


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